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The amazing courageous children

6 May

I have the privilege of meeting some truly amazing kids in my job. Each and every day they make me realise how lucky I am to be alive, healthy and well. Continue reading


Special Needs home: plans blocked by residents

9 Apr

This is a truly disgusting story, where residents are simply thinking about themselves, rather than thinking of inclusion within the community. Why does this not surprise me, coming from the North of England where the first BNP MEP was seated.

From a local Bolton Paper: NEIGHBOURS’ opposition to plans for sheltered accommodation for people with special needs has prompted developers to withdraw the proposals. Continue reading

SEN exclusions unacceptably high

1 Apr

Children with SEN are nine times more likely to be excluded from school than those with no identified special need. Continue reading

Teachers call for ‘reversal’ of special needs decision

30 Mar

Teachers in the Isle of Man are calling for the government to “reverse” its decision to overhaul the special needs provision in Manx schools.

Earlier this week, the island’s education department announced an end to nurture groups in both the primary and secondary sector.

As a result, 11 teaching posts (nine full-time) will be axed.  Continue reading

poorly sick: the student who was PERSUADED to go home!

22 Mar

I have some students who really do test my patience sometimes, but it is rare that I have to persuade a student to GO HOME because they are ill!  Continue reading