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Its all the parents fault!

24 Mar

Now there’s a comment I do not hear very often in the news!! BUT, I heard it today, and I was surprised to say the least. 

Usually, teachers are blamed for a raft of problems related to children in society today. Continue reading


It’s all YOUR fault miss!

7 Jan

Those are the words that ring in my ears when I think of the day.

A student that I had been teaching for a number of months. This student genuinely didn’t think they had control of their behaviour, they were a very very difficult student, autistic, a very tall 14 year old. They could be and was extremely threatening at times. Then again, they were also very very charming and a pleasure to have around at times too. Continue reading

Weekly writing challenge: the instant my life changed

15 Nov

This weeks writing challenge was easy for me: the moment my life changed was the moment that I knew that Special Education was the career path I needed to pursue.

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Four steps forward, five steps back

5 Oct

Special needs is a colourful, unpredictable, interesting, frustrating, joyful, exasperating yet fulfilling area to be involved in.

You spend many many hours, days, weeks and months trying to understand, empathise and teach the students the skills that they need to live independent and fulfilling lives.

Then BAM! It’s all undone in one five minute moment in time.

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